Sakura Moonlight Gelly Roll Neutrals

Gel pens are my impulse shopping weakness. It’s hard for them not to be when they come in every color imaginable and all sorts of fun finishes and textures. Plus, it’s so easy to just toss one or two into a cart (physical or virtual) since single pens are relatively inexpensive. Since I already have a giant collection and, let’s be honest, it’s hard to completely finish up a pen, I had to impose a strict ‘No Pens’ rule on myself. I’ve been doing well with adhering to my rule and resisting the impulse, so I decided to treat myself to some new pens with a gift card I got for my birthday this year.

I picked up the Sakura Moonlight Gelly Rolls in the Neutrals set, and I love them and think they are so cool and unique, so I wanted to share more about them here!

For starters, if you don’t know, Sakura is a Japanese writing instrument brand, known for high-quality products at reasonable price points. And Gelly Roll is Sakura’s line of gel pens. As with other Sakura products, Gelly Rolls are renowned for their quality, and they come in myriad colors. On top of that, within the Gelly Roll line, there are a number of sub-lines based on the finish and properties of the ink. One of those ‘sub-lines’ is Moonlight. Moonlight ink is incredibly vibrant and opaque, so it works nicely with black paper and still stands out on white (unlike pastel pens, which don’t always show up nicely on white paper). Some colors even glow under a black light! I was drawn to the Moonlight line because of the usage on black paper – I’m always on the hunt for pens and paints that stand out against black.

The Neutrals set is relatively new to the Moonlight family and contains 5 pens. I actually think ‘Neutrals’ is a bit of a misnomer because all of the pens are shades of gray; there’s a variety of cool, warm, light, and dark grays. I was drawn to it because I feel like gray gel pens (and gray pens in general) are somewhat uncommon, especially in a variety of shades. So between the compatibility with black and white paper, color scheme, and shade variety, I think these are really unique pens, so I thought they’d be a lot of fun to pick up and try out and as ‘smart’ of a purchase as gel pens can be. 😉

As you can see above, the ink shows up very well on black and white paper. All in all, this was the perfect set of pens to pick up – they’re fun, high-quality, and a little different. I highly recommend if you’re wanting to try out some new gel pens!

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