Introducing Frenchie Stickers!

This is another exciting post to announce the launch of another new sticker on my Etsy shop, and this one is very close to me – French bulldogs!

As with the other stickers I carry in my shop, these are made of a high-quality and durable vinyl, however, these are slightly different in one way – they’re clear! The silhouette is completely black and printed on clear vinyl, so these will really pop on top of a patterned or colorful surface. They also look super sleek on water bottles.

Now onto the coolest part – this is a silhouette of my very own Frenchie, Francis! He is a handsome, stately little guy and a natural sticker model, so of course I needed to create one of him. And of course, since he is unmistakably a French bulldog, these stickers will work perfectly for any Frenchie owner or fan.

This is the original inspiration pic – isn’t he handsome?!

There’s a link to my Etsy shop at the top of the page, or click here to grab a Francis of your own!

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