About Me

Thanks for coming by!

Welcome! I’m Rachel, a thirtysomething tech professional and crafting side hustler living in Cleveland with my husband and my Frenchie named Francis. (Yes, he has his own Instagram, and no hard feelings if you like his feed more than my own!)

I’ve always loved making art and doing crafts, and I started doing modern calligraphy in 2016. I opened my Etsy shop in 2018 selling handmade lettering products.

Over the last year, I’ve expanded my repertoire to include digital art and fiber art, and I’m growing this hobby into a true side business while balancing a full-time career, dog momaging, and life as a homeowner, wife, friend, and family member.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing how-tos, favorite art supplies, and other things that I hope are helpful to fellow makers.

Thanks again for paying me a visit here, and do check out my shop, social media, or just my dog’s Instagram! 😀